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Taekwondo Instruction Brought to You.Hello, I’m Mark Johnson, black belt and instructor of Tae Kwon Do. Welcome to the My-Taekwondo-guide official website.

Whether you are an advanced martial arts expert or just a beginner, this website will give you the information you need to learn tae kwon do and push your skills to the next level. For those of you who are brand new to tae kwon do, on the side menu there are a number of links which can educate as well as show the scope of Taekwondo as a lifelong pursuit.

As you read this page you will learn about many of the benefits you receive from tae kwon do and all the exciting ways it will change your life. Most obvious is the physical benefits, learn to perform amazing kicks and strikes. Perfect intricate forms and drills to keep you learning for many years to come!

I believe that the vast majority of people in this world never tap into their vast God-given potential. They never discover just what they are capable of!

It is my goal to help you receive all the amazing and exciting benefits that come from learning tae kwon do. The course is designed around the principle of guidance. Many programs simply present the information and leave students to do the rest. I do not believe in this style of teaching, it was my purpose with creating the course to build a program centered on the ability to expand. With My-Taekwondo-Guide.com the learning never slows.

This course will take you all the way from beginner to black belt. It will take you step by step through the process. You can go fast or slow, whatever speed you prefer, and can practice along with me in the DVD’s as little or as much as want. You get to go at YOUR pace.

You cannot find this course at a local martial arts school. There is a reason for this. Local instructors rarely like to sell home study courses because they know that when the option is available, home study courses can and do replace a “normal” martial arts academy.

I’m so confident that you will enjoy this course that I will let you try it risk free for 90 days. If after 90 days you decide that this course is not for you, just return the course and I’ll give you a full refund!

As you can see I am not old. In fact I am one of the youngest tae kwon do instructors in the country. But I have worked with and taught hundreds of students. So instead of me telling you about my abilities and the home study course, try our course risk free for 90 days, I’m confident you won’t be disappointed!

From : The Desk of Mark Johnson

Friday, February 8, 2008

Dear Friend,

Have you ever dreamed of being able to perform the amazing kicks and punches of martial arts experts you see on TV? Do you ever wonder what your life would become if you had the skill and self confidence to stand up for yourself and others?

Do you ever wonder just what sort of amazing feats your body is capable of?

Would you like to have both the body and mind mastery that 95% of people never come close to achieving?

Here’s a secret you already know to be true… You have unused physical and mental potential that, once discovered and unleashed, will give you amazing physical power along with an undiscovered sense of confidence and peace of mind. You only need the knowledge and desire to tap into this God-given power.

So let me ask you a couple personal questions. Do you ever find yourself thinking about all that you were meant to be but have failed to become? Do you feel the vast potential given to you slowly fading away over time?

Like many people in life, perhaps you have always wondered what it would be like to know martial arts, to have that degree of control over your physical body. Do you ever wonder what it means to have the confidence to stand up for yourself, but the willingness to back down? This seems to be a paradox at first, but along with the control of your body, taekwondo gives you control of your emotions.

Here is another secret you already know to be true… it is never to late to finish that list of things you have always wanted to learn!

If any of this sounds like you then discover what many others have discovered and learn to propel your body to amazing strength and abilities through the study of tae kwon do, the most popular of the martial arts. Tae kwon do is one of the martial arts most often seen on TV because of the impressive kicks and punches taught in tae kwon do.

But like many others who are intrigued by the martial arts you may have some questions.

Where do you turn for instruction? How will you find an instructor?

How do you come up with the money for the monthly fee for a martial arts school? Fees range between $50-$150 per month and it can cost more than $3500 to get obtain your black belt?

How do you find the time? If you go to a school you can only go at the times that your instructor is available. If that doesn’t fit in with your time then you are out of luck.

What if there aren’t any good martial arts schools near you?

Can you learn martial arts without having an instructor try to indoctrinate you into an eastern religion that typically is taught at academys?

If any of the is sounds like you then martial arts, specifically tae kwon do, is the sport that can take your mastery of body and mind to levels you never realized were there.

My name is Mark Johnson, tae kwon do black belt and instructor. Since I was twelve years old I have been involved in tae kwon do. When I first started I loved the fact that I could learn to perform kicks and punches that people twice my age could not do. My two brothers and I studied together. With each week and month we would learn new skills and learn moves that we never thought we would be capable of performing.

I found myself going to my instructor as often as possible. When I couldn’t see my instructor, I practiced at home with my two brothers. The training and getting better was great, but we also loved the shear fun of sparing with each other. There’s nothing better than landing a flying jump kick against your brother and not getting in trouble for it.

The more I learned and the better I got, the more my confidence grew. My parents saw the changes in me and my character. They saw my brothers and I grow from boys into young men. They witnessed the effects that studying tae kwon do had on our character and self esteem.

Now, I come from a Christian household and my parents were rightfully concerned that an instructor might try to indoctrinate my brothers and I into an eastern religion. Fortunately we found an instructor who did not do that. Instead, through tae kwon do I learned the importance of integrity, honesty, perseverance, wisdom, and self discipline. My parents were really glad to see that learning tae kwon do actually increased my faith.

At a young age I found myself with the self confidence to take on more challenges than most guys my age. In fact I quickly became one of the youngest tae kwon do instructors in the country. Today the title of “youngest instructor” is surely gone, however I pride myself on maintaining close ties with my students.

Since becoming an instructor I have worked with hundreds of tae kwon do students both young and old. I love to see someone who came in the first day shy and timid performing kicks and punches with such confidence and force a few months later. I have seen people young and old literally come out of their shell as they begin to realize just what they are capable of.

Of course, throughout all my training, I was lucky. I had a quality Christian martial arts school in my area. And over the years I have bought numerous martial arts videos to improve my skills. Some were quite good and some were really bad. One thing I wished I had when I was learning the basics of tae kwon do was to have a complete set of videos teaching all the moves from beginner to black belt. If I had that, I could have learned and practiced so much more right at my own home. My parents wouldn’t have had to drive me to classes quite so often, and I could have been learning a sport I love whenever I wanted to, not just when the instructor was available.

As an instructor, I’ve seen many students face these same difficulties that I’ve faced. Some just can’t afford it. For some, the time the class is held doesn’t fit with their schedule. They slowly fade away and stop learning tae kwon do. Many regret not continuing this journey.

While I love teaching tae kwon do, I can only teach so many students at one time. My goal is to reach as many people like yourself as possible and help them and you to receive all the benefits that learning tae kwon do can give.

To do that I’ve produced the Complete Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Course. With this course you get 11 DVD’s and one CD Rom teaching you everything you need to go from beginner to black belt. If you are a beginner, this course will take you step by step through every rank and belt. If you are and advanced tae kwon do student, the course will be a great supplement to help you refine and improve your skills whenever you want.

Here are just some of the benefits you will get when you begin learning tae kwon do through My-Taekwondo-Guide home study course.

-Learn discipline as you train in taekwondo

-Inprove your flexibility, strength, posture, and overall health through the martial arts

-Gain personalized insight into the martial arts through an instructors eyes

-Learn to defend yourself and your loved ones

-Measure your progress at each step of the journey with promotion testing

-You will learn to perform amazing kicks

-You will learn how to land powerful and precise punches

-You will dramatically increase your strength and flexibility

-You will be able to go from beginner to black belt in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

-You will learn and infuse into your mind and body new character virtues including Wisdom, Integrity, Discipline, and Perseverance

-You will begin to build confidence with goals set up throughout the course

-You will obtain a composure and presence about you that others will notice

-You will increase you health and fitness with great workouts. -You will be able to learn the course materials anywhere and anytime you want.

-You will be able to rewind and pause the different moves as many times as you would like in order to review and understand the various moves.

-You will have support along the way through emails and newsletters to encourage you and help you reach your goals.

-By training to fight you actually will be training not to fight.

-You will find yourself becoming calmer, more confidence in yourself decreases stress

Once again, to go over what this course provides you. The whole course costs only $300! For this price you with receive: 10 instructional DVD’s

1 Practice Test DVD

1 CD-Rom with an electronic, updatable version of the student manual

1 Printed Student Handbook

For a short amount of time I will also include a white student uniform!

Remember, there is absolutely no risk with trying this product! My-Taekwondo-Guide provides a complete, 90 day satisfaction guarantee! If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with the course, just send it back and we will refund your money!

  Ready to begin? If so just signup below and let your journey start!

Remember, not only will you receive access to the home study course, but you will have access to my personal instruction through E-mail and frequent updates!

Have more questions about the course? Please just send me an E-mail at:


This Course is coming soon! If you would like to be one of the first students to receive this course you will get the following included for FREE!
-Student Uniform

-Personal E-mails providing tips and encouragement along your journey

-The option for direct E-mail correspondance with Mr. Johnson

-A printed version of the student handbook

-Continuous updates to the student handbook

All this for free when your one of the first to begin your journey!Sign up below to recieve notification of the courses availibilty.


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